Hi everybody!  My name is Tami.  I started out life as an outdoor kitty (definitely not by choice), but then the greatest thing happened.  Some wonderful volunteers at Henrico Humane Society rescued me!  Now I’m living life as a pampered indoor kitty, and I’m starting the search for my very own forever home.  I hear they are pretty great! 
Now that I know all the perks of being an indoor kitty, I don’t ever want to go back outside again!  My favorite part of my new indoor life is all the fun toys I get to play with!  My foster mom has this stick with strings and feathers on the end; I could chase it all day!  I also love playing with other kitties.  It would be pretty great to share my home with some other kitty friends.  There’s not much than can top a good play session, except naptime.  Did you know that indoor homes have all kinds of comfy places to snuggle up in for a good snooze?!  My favorite spot is my foster mom’s bed.  So I’ll need a special human who will save a spot for me at bedtime!   
Becoming an indoor kitty has been a great adventure so far.  But I’m ready to begin the greatest adventure of all, becoming your best friend!

If you’d like to meet me, please email cats@henricohumane.org to setup a visit. Don’t forget to tell them you want to meet ME!

If you’re not sure which cat you’re interested in or are just beginning to search for a companion, our adoption coordinators can help! Just fill out a short questionnaire that will help us match you with our wonderful cats then visit us at our Adoption Stand at West Broad Petco (next to Trader Joe’s) every Saturday from 11:00 to 3:00.