Sammy is very sweet. He’s perfectly happy if you want him in your lap, but also just as happy to know someone is near. He is in a foster home that is helping him along with his challenges.  He cannot see nor hear at this particular time.  He had surgery recently to try and restore some sight.  It is a matter of time to see how much vision he regains.  We are very optimistic. 

Sammy is only 5 years in age and is an adorable shih tzu.  He is not housebroken, but we have learned when he starts to wander a little – that is his cue that is potty relief time.  He sleeps through the night on the bed with his foster (and loving it!) . He gets along with other dogs and cats, but if they are rambunctious it upsets him. Children would be too much for him. He sleeps very sound and if you are to wake him up, go slow in order to not to startle him.  He’s very low maintenance overall and would be perfect for someone mostly home. He does fine while the foster is at work, however, no one is there to let him out when he gives the cue and he does have potty accidents.  We truly hope there is a special home out there that can help him along and be patient with where he is at this time on mastering house skills.