Alex and Abby

Hi, my name is Alex.  I want to introduce myself and my adorable little sister, Abby.  Before we were rescued, we had been living in a storm draining, wondering each day where we would find our next meal.  Sometimes nice people would put out food for us.  But many days we had to fend for ourselves.  It was very scary out there.  Being the big brother, it was very important for me to always look out for her.  Then one day these wonderful volunteers from Henrico Humane showed up and rescued us.  Our luck had finally changed for the good.

Now Abby and I are in a wonderful foster home.  We never imagined life could be like this.  We never have to wonder where our next meal is coming from, and there are all kinds of toys for us to play with.  When we get tired of playing there are plenty of soft beds for us to snuggle up in.  We’ve discovered how wonderful pets and belly rubs are, and how much we love people.

There is still a lot for us to learn about this new indoor life, but so far we love it.  We’ve been hearing grand stories about places called forever homes, and we are so excited about finding one of those of our very own.

If you’d like to meet me, please email to setup a visit. Don’t forget to tell them you want to meet ME!

If you’re not sure which cat you’re interested in or are just beginning to search for a companion, our adoption coordinators can help! Just fill out a short questionnaire that will help us match you with our wonderful cats then visit us at our Adoption Stand at West Broad Petco (next to Trader Joe’s) every Saturday from 11:00 to 3:00.